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Secret Sheep 
09:24am 01/02/2005
mood: ditzy
There will be a delay in the secret sheepness.
Partly because TNG is down.
And Partly because eva's comp has been all but dead the last few days ergo she's been alil stuck.
So please just finish of Feb's sheep (if you've forgotten who you were sheeping let me know (details in info) and I can sort you out.

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An AIM RP of Em's initiation into Dev and Karo friendship bond. 
06:29pm 01/01/2004
mood: accomplished
Em: I don't see why you don't like the French
Karo: I do. Just not you
Em: Pourquoi? [[Why]]
Karo: flips her hair: Whatever
Em: like that’s an answer
Karo: It is when it's coming from my mouth.
Dev: shakes head: Quit b****y fighting
Em: That came more from your hair not your mouth, and do u have highlights? You need a touch up...
Karo: if you can hear what hair speaks, insanity crossed that border along with you. i do not have highlights as naturally beauty controls all
Karo: *she looks Em up and down* Something that you need makeup to do
Em: Oh please, the French have our own special style, and well, au natural is not a look you suit
Karo: That's coming from a person with a face so pale from powder that it looks like chalk *sigh* here...
Karo: fixes Em up: Beautiful
Karo: that colour of lipstick brings out your eyes when it's not so thick
Dev: laughs: She'll never have our beauty...no matter how hard we try
Karo: laughs: true. natural is the way to be
Em: what the pale pasty untanned look that the brits seem to like? The dull blonde hair, so dull you do not recognise true blondeness, a month on the med and you'll see true beauty
Karo: flips her hair: I'm a raven, thank you. Blacker than night. That is true beauty. blonde? *scoffs* more people buy blonde in a box than black. so overdone
Em: looked her up and down "There’s a reason too, I mean blacker than night, pulease, so 17th Century, blonde is the way to go."
Dev: moves between the both of them: " Ahem.....Red is better..." looks back and forth at them. "....then blonde or black."
Karo: takes some of Dev hair, nodding wistfully: It's true... I have always lusted for your color, Dev. Beautiful on you.
Em: *mumbles* "only if you're a Weasley
Dev: smiles at Karo:" Why thank you love.." glares at Em "Your just jealous."
Em: looked and smirked "Oh pulease, I would never want to look like a Weasley, in any country, Singapore maybe, but not here"
Karo: glares at Em as well, letting go of Dev's hair: Devania has an auburn tone. not the carrot red of a Weasley.
Em: ::rolled her eyes::. "Thank merlin, personally it looks more brown"
Karo: i think you're looking at a mirror, Emerald
Dev: gives Karo a look: She's noticing her roots.
Karo: takes the looks with understanding, snickering: I believe she is! another french blonde that came from a box.
Em: "I think you will find that no Duyen has ever had to dye their hair. It is this English sun or lack of it that darks my color"
Em: tis true, my hairs lighter in France than England, I looked dyed but im not
Karo: rolls her eyes: blaming the English for your lack of pure hair color. my, my. the french stoop low for their sorry excuses.
Em: Em sighed. "Not the English its lack of sun, have you ever been to France?"
Dev: scoffs: The French have excuses for everything
Em: "Well, we have to be good at something"
Dev: smirks: Excuses and muggle loving
Em: "Muggle loving? Pulease. C'est un idée vachement merde!"
Karo: shudders: Mudbloods...
Karo: rolls her eyes and flips her hair: And that's why you stuck up for that mudblood loving aunt of yours in Ollivanders
Karo: "Right Emerald, riiiiightttt..."
Dev: grins at Karo: Of course it is!
Em: "No, thats family, nothing to with ::shiver:: mudbloods" "I hate the things, I can't believe I have to go to school with them."
Dev: smirks: Another excuse perhaps?? hmmm? Your family was right in disowning her....and you choose not to
Em: "Sometimes people have no choice, I can hardly live with someone I disown can I?"
Karo: raises her eyebrows: You can still dislike them. So wait. You're telling us that you don't disown her just because you live with her. Likely story.
Dev: smiles at Karo: Another excuse.....
Em: "I disagree with her principles but she's ...." ::Remembers being pinned to the wall six foot up:::.. "Persuasive, she's all I got left and well, she's has her uses"
Karo: nods: And a very bad one a that.
Em: "Well... thats your opinion isn't it, or is it your dads?"
Karo: glares: You best watch yourself on insulting my Father. Watch yourself very carefully.
Em: Its not an insult to your father...
Dev: glares: You better learn to control that tongue of yours. Honestly!! Do you not know who you are dealing with?
Emerald rolled her eyes "Perhaps you should both learn that every comment is not an insult. And if you were in France you would most certainly not be allowed to talk to me like that."
Karo: sighs: You know, Emerald, with the tone you have with us all the time, what are we to expect?!
Karo: "There's always the snide to it that won't be tolerated. so it sounded like that was an insult"
Dev: whispers to Karo: Why are we wasting our time? Clearly, she doesn't know her place.
Emerald looked up, not aggressively. "I am, like you, not of the nature to back down, everything seems an insult, look at it from my point of view, I come to a country I barely know, to stay with someone I don't know, don’t like and indeed have disowned. I am used to being treated with respect, even by fellow purebloods of my stance I am still of the most respected and yet I find two people of the same stance here, who do not know me, nor respect me in fact all they know is tabloid gossip of my family and ex-family and I am expected to respect them although I know nothing of them. "
Karo: gives Dev the look and a small smile: We did it. She cracked the entrance examination
Karo: *she holds out her hand to Em* "Welcome to England!"
Emerald raised her eyebrow suspiciously::
Dev: grinned and nodded at Karo: She did well I might add
Emerald looked between them confused::
Karo: nods at Dev: Most definitely. None of the others have made it in. Too stressful.
Emerald gave up:: "Could one of you please explain?"
Karo: smirks at Dev, giving one of the looks: You see Emerald, we can't naturally have someone, pure or not, just come into our friendship bond.
Karo: "Especially when there are different levels of pure. The Duyens being alongside with the Silvers and Harris' naturally."
Dev: smiled slyly at Em: It was simply a test...and you did very well.
Em: "Naturally."
Em: " May I enquire to the test?"
Karo: flips her hair: Fashion was one. You passed that the minute you stepped into the shop
Karo: "Ollivander's for clarity."
Em: "Well, I'm French fashion comes naturally when you have a vault as large as mine"
Karo: Or it should *winks* The second test was of your attitude.
Em: "My attitude, what about my attitude?"
Karo: She points a hand at Dev, as if she's showcasing her. "This was Dev's test," she says with a smile. "When she at first did not accept your hand and you went into that rant of equal, pureblood, blah."
Em: Emerald nodded and looked at dev. "Yes and..."
Karo: "And your response was demanding of the proper respect one of your statures deserves. When she apologized, and she never does, you had passed."
Em: "I see" *not sure if she'd liked this initiation thing*
Karo: Karo waves her hand as she recites the last test. "The third and last was the break. Which you recently preformed. It would have been easier if you had completely broke in Ollivanders... like with that poured rant you sited before leaving... of which Dev caught and I did not..."
Karo: She makes a thinking expression. "But everyone has their limits. We needed to see yours. And you broke to us. As it should be."
Em: "I'm guessing its a good thing, what’s your limits... or do I find that out later?"
Karo: Karo smiles warmly. "You'll have to find out, my friend. I've only seen Devania break once... *sad face* ... but we shall not discuss that. You shall likely see mine in time."
Em: Emerald looked curiously, deciding to find out later. "I guess my limit is easy to break at the moment."
Karo: Karo nods. "But we shall help you. We must have to help each other as we are all friends now."
Karo: She smiles.
Em: Emerald smiled back. Holding out her hand "Friends?"
Karo: Karo walked past her hand and hugged her. "Naturally."
Em: Emerald hugged back smiling offering Dev in to the hug
Em: Emerald drew back, "Guess you know about me and Dev now?"
Karo: Karo laughs, "The cousin thing? Oh yes. Her mum's a Duyen so I took you for a far relative when I first heard your name." She looks between them with smiles. "Guess you were closer than I imagined..."
Em: "You knew? I'm impressed"
Karo: Karo waves her hand, giggling. "Naturally. Father believes it's important to know all of one's line and the rest of the pures." She claps her hand together. "Oh! We must inform you of the British ones, and soon!"
Em: "But of cousre, I only know the french lines and some spanisih and beligum"
Karo: She smiles happily. "Yes. I must greet you into the British world, some Italians... respect to Mr. Italia... and some Irish. There are more. Will come out in my recital. Would you like to hear it? Some, I do not know where they came from, though..."
Em: "I'd love to"
Karo: "Okay!" Karo smiles for a second and then begins her recital.
"Aldaine, Aminta, Arion, Arrington, Blackmoor, Brooke, Caesar, Calahede, Capriosi, Carrington, Catane, Claris, Conner, Cornell, Curorden, Devereux, Dracis, Duyen (naturally), Erasmus, Evans, Forsyth, Guitrand de Peyre, Gungeon, Gwynfor, Harris (Dev), Harsley, Heilyn, Iden, Infusco, Ismorah, Italia, Jasper-Pearls, Lilienthal, Locke, Luins, Katrins, Kona, Majiko, Mazzon, McInverness, McVeigh, Mohan, Needermyer, Normandy, O'Malley, Owens, Shepping, Silver (no comment), Snape, Stride, Tia, Titberrie, Tolloller, Von de Lustgraff, Weasley, and Zacharias."
Em: "Woah, theres a few!
Karo: She nods, with a sigh. "I've learned them all..."
Em: "Really? Thats umm, impressive, if not obsessive"
Karo: Karo sighs, flipping her hair. "I somewhat agree. But I trust Father's judgement. He said that I would need them someday..."
Em: "Naturally"
Karo: Karo grins at the choice of words. "Well, I must be off. Leave before he calls." She winks at Dev and smiles at Em. "Ta ta!"
Em: "See you later then!"
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04:47pm 01/01/2004
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(OOC- Set when he returns home. Will post a link when the RPG is up again.) I can't believe them! They've renovated, okay, I can understand that, but getting rid of Olivia's room?! What the hell? Are they trying to erase the memory of her? All the photos are gone, all her stuff... they never even asked me! They're telling me they feel guilty. If they feel guilty then what I'm feeling is something worse than that.I knew her better than both of them. And they say it hurt to have her things around the house. I could hardly stand being in the same room with her in the last year of her life. I was with her when she died. I ran out of her funeral. I rejected her and now she's gone. I can't take this anymore. I need to get out of here. And fast.
Welcome to TNG_LJ 
01:23pm 30/12/2003
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I'm Eva, I play Jinx Duyen, Emerald Duyen and Kagen Doyle on TNG. This community is for anyone who rp's on TNG to post in character!
Now lj's are totally free and uncoded you have as many as you want.
Please direct any TNG LJ questions to me(aim/msn above) and TNG RPG to the site.
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